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I created this domain name for my original battery company in the early 90’s and then changed the name of the company.  I am about to use my domain name,, on a new web blog. I have been approached about the purchase of the domain name by a few serious companies and a few jokes. This is an Ultra Premium domain name. I have had large corporations hire independents to contact and tell me a sob story of being a start up with no money and can only afford a small purchase price. If you are one of those Trolls Do NOT bother me. If you are a serious bidder with real money and ability to submit an irrevocable deposit of not less than $5,000.00, then please have your domain name buyer contact me at: to negotiate a sell price and it will not be in the low hundreds of thousands price range.

Payment:  Lease Option Available or Full Purchase.  Lease, such as a five year lease is a good option.

  1. Irrevocable deposit
  2. Initial down payment
  3. Quarterly payments against balance over five years
  4. Royalties on pay per click paid quarterly can also be used and quarterly payment difference paid at the end of each quarter
  5. Stocks
  6. Balance still due at the end of five years to be paid in final bulk payment.
  7. I keep ownership until paid in full. will simply be mirrored to you.  Missed payment or absence of final bulk payment results in immediate forfeiture of domain name back to Ron L Rathbone
  8. Lease terms also with a minimum irrevocable deposit and substantial up front payment.

Serious approaches are made so far by:

  • Soda and energy drink producers
  • Oil and Gas Refineries
  • EV and Battery manufacturers

etc. And to those who have hired independents to pretend to be a small start up with no money, is my real estate and when I die it will go to relatives. will be sold for true value or not at all. I will use an example, one million dollars. How  many liters of fuel or energy drinks have to be sold for one cent from each liter to pay that one million dollars. The price is nothing for the volume of these companies to pull one cent from each liter of their sales volume. Nothing. How much does it cost these type businesses NOT to have this Ultra Premium Name? A lot more. So, either cut your nose off to spite your face or do real business.
The stand up and capable will appreciate my straight forward position. Trolls will not.
Ron L Rathbone
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