Education and Children

Education and Children.

The Primary Focus is on bringing the US from a Third World Education level back to number one.

Home Schooling: From my long term personal witness and observation, my personal opinion on Home Schooling is that most home schooling is a form of Extreme Child Abuse.  If the parent does not have a college degree he / she should not be the teacher and if the parent had to take a GED more than once they should be in jail if caught home schooling.  The extreme lack of discipline, lack of testing achievement level and lack of social skills are other of many reasons I consider most home schooling an Extreme form of Child Abuse.  Aljazeer America is doing a set of articles on Home Schools in America. Home schools will be only one section of this page.   The only people I have found setting up web sites and posting in blogs about home schooling are the people selling the Non-test home school programs and a few of what I personally consider worthless home school parents choosing the non-test packages.

You are / will be invited to submit YOUR articles for post in All sections.  No plagiarism! I am excited about this.  But First:

I am learning how to properly set up a blog that will attract millions world wide.   Unfortunately today our world is full of parasites, leeches, the me, me, me’s and Pharisees and I must first set up certain legalize.  Because of them I must build a page with a check box that you agree to and accept my terms of use for the site which will include my statement below.  I do not yet know how to do that so I cannot yet accept and post your posts.  Next I will be looking for sponsors / advertisers.  I do NOT turn down FREE expert help / guidance.  Some potential sponsors will not support my stance for the underdogs and some sponsors will not be accepted by me.  I hope to show that I will do fine without them.  Go Pope Francis!!!

If you are a potential sponsor please contact me immediately.  I need the guidance and help as well as funding.

I am a Libra born in the year of the Dog.  The Posts under this page are devoted to those who wish to share for submission their post directly related to the subject matter of the page header.  My primary requirement is that NONE of the submissions include anything that may be considered extremist right wing, extremist left wing, inciting violence, hateful, mean spirited, bigoted, treachery, manipulation, etc.  These articles will not be about poor little me or anyone who cannot see the forest for the chip on their selfish little me, me shoulder.  Those are for other sites.  These posts we be factual and if giving statistics,  giving accurate statistics for all political sides, religions, races or classes involved, not just one side of a multi-sided coin.  Those type submissions will be refused by me.  Unlike some sites I am looking for honest and respectful discussion from balanced and accurate and complete information.  O, I assume NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY for the Postings.  And to the Great Unknown….

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