Medical Issues – Auto Immune

Medical Issues – Auto Immune: Celiac Disease, Diabetes – Type 1 and 2, Hyperthyroid, Atherosclorosis, Cardio Vascular, many more.  Food and Chemical Relationships.  No, I have not yet checked the spelling.

You are / will be invited to submit YOUR articles for post in All sections.  No plagiarism! I am excited about this.  But First:

I am learning how to properly set up a blog that will attract millions world wide.   Unfortunately today our world is full of parasites, leeches, the me, me, me’s and Pharisees and I must first set up certain legalize.  Because of them I must build a page with a check box that you agree to and accept my terms of use for the site which will include my statement below.  I do not yet know how to do that so I cannot yet accept and post your posts.  Next I will be looking for sponsors / advertisers.  I do NOT turn down FREE expert help / guidance.  Some potential sponsors will not support my stance for the underdogs and some sponsors will not be accepted by me.  I hope to show that I will do fine without them.  Go Pope Francis!!!

If you are a potential sponsor please contact me immediately.  I need the guidance and help as well as funding.

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