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I am a Libra born in the year of the Dog.

The development of my blog will hopefully and eventually split into different blogs.

Topics I would like to cover in this and future blogs include but are not limited to:

In Alphabetical Order:
• Discrimination – Class or Race?
• Education and Children
• Feed Hungry People
• Food Recipes from Scratch
• Health
• Life After Death Experiences
• Medical Assistance for the Needy
• Medical Issues – Auto Immune
• Nutrition – Disease Prevention and Control
• Politics and Religion Are Evil
• Politics in the United States of America
• The United States of America – A Third World Country?
• The United States of the North American Continent – The Time is Now.

I Want My Blog Dedicated To: In Alphabetical Order
Class – Race Discrimination: Getting to the Real facts of class and race discrimination and the spoils of war worldwide through history.
o No chips on the shoulder or me, me, me will be accepted.
o Red and Yellow Black and White, We are Precious in His site.
o The Real Focus: Class Discrimination which covers ALL colors or lack thereof. Remember the rich young ruler.
Creators: Study and Respect for Our Creators and Their Evolution for the Earth and Life on Earth which is Very different than taught by Religion and Religious Organizations.
Disease Prevention through nutrition and removal of harmful chemicals
Education of Children and Adults
Environment: Supporting Genesis 1:26: Support our environment for All species.
o To take those willing to damage the environment and our water sheds and ship those people off to an asteroid. No, they do not get luxury asteroid hotels. Just the environment there.
Human Species: Helping all humans, placing breathing human life and care before all else.
Human Life: Making all breathing Human Life equivalent to that of the 1%.
o Many of the 1% worked very hard and very smart to get to their position and wealth while many of those have forfeited the true meaning of life. They earned their money and they also prove themselves by giving back a large percentage of their wealth which is much different than a large dollar amount of wealth. A large dollar amount could be far less than 1% of their wealth.
o Most of the 1% gained their position through blood line but mostly by greed, taking advantage of stand-up people through any means necessary including unfair profit.
o Many of the greedy give to organizations that promote status or objects and all giving is done in dollars of wealth and not in total percentage of wealth and is really very little of their total wealth.
Life after Death Experiences: Results instead of being involved in the power struggle of religions and government that appear immediately after the accession of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Not to mention those BC.
LOVE: Agape Love for one another bridges ALL differences and Cares for All
Medical Assistance for the Poor and Needy
Politics: How to educate the oppressed with true facts and true documented statistics of the politicians and removing politicians and parties that are inherently EVIL, selfish, consider themselves above the commoner / peasant / indentured slave. To identify evil and lies and spin on truth and REMOVE them from power / authority forever, Worldwide but Starting in the USA.

Prisons: No prison shall receive Federal or State funding that does not have in place a thorough rehabilitation and education program.
o No jail or prison shall receive Federal or State funding for incarcerating anyone even for minutes without proper procedure.
o No jail or prison shall incarcerate anyone for shoplifting food while allowing true criminals to discuss their golf game with the judge, prosecutor and court appointed defense attorney and be set free!
o No jail or prison shall receive State or Federal funding while prosecuting a misdemeanor which shall cause financial hardship to the accused person and or their family or cause them to be placed on or increased government sponsorship of any kind. Find community work AFTER their regular employment schedule and cut your cost of staying open instead of increasing taxes to fund your Privatized system or increasing the funding of “Operational Expenses”.
o Increased and more aggressive sentence for anyone using a firearm in any robbery or slaying other than the innocent in self-defense.
o Aggressive prosecution of law enforcement officers involved in violating civil rights plus murder chargers against ALL law enforcement involved in murder of a any suspect/s or person/s approached for questioning who is NOT pointing a firearm at the law enforcement officer.

What I do NOT want:
My primary requirement is that NONE of the submissions include anything that may be considered extremist right wing, extremist left wing, inciting violence, hateful, mean spirited, bigoted, etc. These articles will not be about poor little me or anyone who cannot see the forest for the chip on their selfish little me, me shoulder. Those are for other sites. These posts we be factual and if giving statistics, giving accurate statistics for all races or classes involved, not just one side of a multi-sided coin. Those type submissions will be refused by me. Unlike some sites we are looking for honest and respectful discussion from balanced and accurate and complete information. O, I assume NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY for the Postings. And to the Great Unknown….

The Pages and Posts under this blog are devoted to those who wish to share for submission their post directly related to the subject matter of the page header.

You are / will be invited to submit YOUR ideas and articles for post in All sections. No Plagiarism! I am excited about this. But First:
I am learning how to properly set up a blog that will attract millions world wide. Unfortunately today our world is full of parasites, leeches, the me, me, me’s and Pharisees and I must first set up certain legalize. Because of them I must build a page with a check box that you agree to and accept my terms of use for the site which will include my statement below. I do not yet know how to do that so I cannot yet post your posts. Next I will be looking for sponsors / advertisers. I do NOT turn down FREE expert help / guidance.

Someone potential sponsors will not support my stance for the underdogs and some sponsors will not be accepted by me. I hope to show that I will do fine without them. Go Pope Francis!!!
If you are a potential sponsor please contact me immediately. I need the guidance and help as well as uninfluenced and untainted funding.

Ronnie L Rathbone (Ron)
All pages and posts will always be under construction and subject to change without notice.


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